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Geräte zur Wasserbelebung, a test with 40 devices read more about it:


The test of the last years with much information about purifying and energyzing water.


Book Announcement:

Wasser Kristall Welten

now available in english: just follow the link: http://www.florisbooks.co.uk

Over 240 pages and 180 pictures  

From the fascinating world of water -  one of a kind pictures of springs from all parts of the world can be seen.


A study:  crystallization analysis in the diagnosing of cancer

At the present time we are carrying out a double-blind study with the Schwäbisch Gmund Clinic on using crystallization analysis in the diagnosing of cancer.  Head of the study is Dr. Treuguth.  The results will be published in the summer of 2002.

Crystallization analysis is a new diagnostic instrument that is now also being used in the area of testing for BSE.  To be granted recognition, further testing is needed, however until now it has been nearly impossible to obtain samples as public institutions have not granted us access to sample material.  Further permission has to be granted, which we are applying for.  A project in cooperation with the TU Munich and the University of Giessen is being arranged.
More details will be given in the Tagesthemen next week, at 10.30 p.m. on ARD (the exact date is not yet known).

The documentary on crystallization analysis on WDR was an even greater success than the last documentary about organic agriculture.  There was an enormous response from viewers. A good start for the crystallization analysis this year.  For further information contact the homepage of the WDR

The subject of BSE allows rightful doubts arise as to the quality of food - meat and otherwise - available to us. Food quality can only be achieved by a comprehensive quality control system.  For this reason we have developed the Hagalis Seal of Quality - so that product quality is always  recognizable and comprehensible for customers. The Hagalis Seal of Quality  is now available.

Blood Crystallization Analysis  is a diagnostic method which extends the possibilities of researching  into causes of illness and a constitutional approach to disease. For more information please contact: Hagalis  Blood Crystallization Analysis

The film aired on October 1st,   "Mit Leib und Seele Ackern" (Farming with Body and Soul) on  Bayern 3 was a great success. At 16%,  the percentage of viewers was very high. A larger public has become aware of crystallization analysis.

Wasserqualität 2000 - Our research  project on drinking water will appear soon in different media..

For information or questions simply contact us at: info@hagalis.de