Hagalis AG

Quality Analyses, Quality Management und Medicines

The Hagalis AG was founded in 2000 from the company Hagalis Association, founded in1995. Twelve years of research and development into new methods of diagnosing and production of medicines preceeded the founding of Hagalis Association.

Production Control: Dr. Peter Maisenbacher
Quality Control: Prof. Dr. Kimmich
 Scientific Advisor: Prof. Dr. Gebelein, University of Gießen
Board of Directors: Andreas Schulz   Chairman of the Supervisory Board: E.-F. Lauppe

The Hagalis AG is an international laboratory specializing in quality analysis in the area of food, water, and  goods in daily use.  Our new method of crystallization analysis makes product quality  transparent  and comprehensible to customers.

We also produce naturopathic medicines and cosmetics of especially high quality.

for information or questions simply contact us at: info@hagalis.de