Hagalis Lab

Our Services: 

Quality evaluation using  crystallization analysis - to evaluate the quality of products and substances.   


Medicines, essential oils

Foods, dietary supplements 

Raw materials

Goods of all sorts in daily use (e.g. cosmetics, detergents, etc.)

We also give individual advice  on how to improve these products  

Medical Services:

Blood Crystallization Analysis:  medical diagnoses and therapy recommendations in human- und veterinary medicine.

Testing of medicines for their therapeutic action

Agricultural Services:

Diagnoses of the soil life and agricultural method used

Quality consulting and finding solutions for problems with crop raising and  soil contamination

 Development of understanding and concepts of  the qualitative nature of  crops and products

Research and Development:

Research studies on water quality and its effect on human beings

Research studies on the effect of medicines, healing waters or healing substances on patients

Research studies on the effect of substances on human beings (noxious substances, products, therapeutic devices, etc.)

 Clinical Trials:

We offer clinical trials of the following, using  crystallization analysis, all the common blood values and the Enderlein dark field microscopy method:

Proof of efficacy of products, medicines and dietary supplements

Proof of efficacy of water treatment systems

Proof of efficacy of  devices that counter electro-magnetic radiation, etc.

Development of new products in the areas of:

Medicines and pharmaceuticals

Foods, dietary supplements, and foods and substances for specialized diets

Cosmetics and body care products

Chemical Analyses:

We offer testing according to all contemporary quantitative analytical methods:

Water analyses in accord with the TVO (German federal drinking water regulations)

Food tests  in accord with the LMBG (German federal foods and drugs regulations)

Ascertainment of noxious substances

Determination of product contents

Product quality tests

Completion of production forms in accord with GMP  (pharmaceuticals and cosmetics)

Standardization of product quality  

We offer completion of production forms for foods, pharmaceutical products, and cosmetics, following  GMP guidelines.


Our professionals advise you competently and individually.

e-mail: info@hagalis.de