The Philosophy Behind Our Medicines and Cosmetics

The philosophy behind our remedies and cosmetics is to always go the path of taking both the substance and spiritual forces of the ingredients we use and, according to  the three fundamental principles, to separate, refine, purify, and reunite them.

In this way, spirit and matter are consciously lovingly united, and through that the inherent powers of both are greatly increased.  We call this the middle path, and it originated in Europe.  We are carrying further, in a way appropriate to modern times, what took place earlier in true alchemy, as Paracelsus practiced it,  and through that raise it to the level of our time.

All work in our laboratory is done in conjunction with the constellations of the stars, so that the forces of the stars, sun, and moon are united with the purified substance.

The essential oils, juices, and mineral salts are taken from the plants themselves, are purified, and are then reunited on a higher level.

This new, pure substance has taken up the cosmic healing forces  of the stellar constellations favourable to it.


fragrant oils   plant juices   crystalline salts

  the forces of warmth   healing harmony    the forces of light

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healing substance


An equally mysterious process is used for the minerals, metals, and precious stones in our remedies.  All of these processes are carried out by hand, machines are seldomly used, and it is not only these which bring about the harmonious forces in our remedies and cosmetics. 

It goes without saying that we take only very carefully selected, organically grown raw materials. 

The plant essences are made according to a specially developed method. Nothing else, such as water or alcohol, is added to them, only the plant´s own juices, essential oils and mineral salts are used, and the essences therefore contain the entire spectrum of effectiveness.  They also contain a great deal of light forces, as they are made using solar energy, which increases the effectiveness of the plant.

The metal and mineral essences are also made using solar energy. They require the use of additives, though, which are taken from nature,  in order for them to be able to unfold their greatest curative powers.  For example, we use solvents which are made from natural copper vitriol or tartar.  Although these substances can easily be obtained from a chemical supply store, we take great pains  in making these solvents ourselves because of the natural forces they contain which we wish to transform into healing forces.  Lifeless, synthetically produced substances  have no healing forces.  We pay attention to that even with the solvents.

The medicinal plants that we use all come from organic gardens where they are grown according to favourable constellations, as is done in the preparations of the medicines.

Both the plant and metal essences are spagyric mother tinctures, and are neither diluted nor potentized.

For further background one can read Alexander von Bernus´ book Alchemy and Heilkunst.


Our Remedies 

All leaves change sunlight into energy, and thereby also into their own substance.  The other creatures eat the plants, and metabolize them in themselves.  Indirectly all creatures live from sunlight, by way of the  plants. This fact has led us to fully use the sun, as the giver of all life and therefore also of the healing forces, in the production of our medicines.  The distillations by which the essential oils and plant juices are won are carried out in special apparatuses which ´catch` sunlight and warm up to 100°C.  No solvents, such as alchol or water,  are added to the plants.  Only the pure plant juice, the ´dew of the plant`, is extracted by using a special distillation process - solar distillation.  It is only formed by the plant, and contains all of its precious healing forces as well as solar forces.  The mineral salts are gained by ashing the  plant substance remaining from the distillation with the help of a concave mirror that bundles  sunlight.  Through this the crystal salts are also able to take up solar forces.  The liquid plant extracts and essences are made at ´solar fever warmth`, 37°C,  by setting them in direct sunlight.

These light forces in our remedies are experienced by those who take them as an increase in inner light and lightening of mood, in addition to the plant´s own healing qualities.

The essences also have fine cosmic qualities because we work with specifically chosen stellar and especially lunar constellations that are assigned to the plants.  Both traditional gardening practices of planting in conjunction with the phases of the moon  as well as modern research in chronobiology (for example as done by Dr. L. Kolisko) have clearly demonstrated a relationship between living creatures and the cosmos.  We try to work with that in our production.

In the other steps in the production of our medicines  the ´older wisdoms`and modern knowledge are also united, following our philosophy of harmoniously uniting spirit and matter.

One of the ´older wisdoms`is the world of Paracelsus´spagyrica.  It is a complex philosophy of the relationship between the human being, the earth, and the cosmos that was developed even to the production of medicines, as Paracelsus himself lived it.

Biophotonic research,  the study of the light emination of living beings by Prof. F. Popp, is part of the modern knowledge that we include in our methods.

The fundamental principles of anthroposophical medicine, which we are further developing, are an important part of our research as well, as it is also a synthesis of older spiritual knowledge and modern methods.  It has its own path of knowledge, though, which is neither dependent upon older nor modern methods, but comes to its own understanding.

We have taken this way of gaining knowledge up, and research freely according to that, but without closing  ourselves off to other research methods.

 List of our spagyric Essences