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Following our philosophy, we use only the best organic raw materials for our creams, body oils, and perfumes.  The fatty base of our creams is made from cold-pressed oils, beeswax from organic beekeeping, and woolwax free of pesticides.  The oils are used to make flower extracts.  The flowers` scent and nurturing forces are taking up by the oils by placing them in sunlight. The aqueous base  is made from pure distillates of fresh flowers - which means that no degenerated water is added, only the scented water that has been distilled with and  energized by the flowers -  the hydrolate -  is used.

Scented, harmonious preparations of  truly natural essential oils are also important active substances in our cosmetics.  Their effect extends far beyond the effect of the scent alone -  they especially enliven,  harmonize, and strengthen the soul.  They are also important as preservatives, and therefore

we use no artificial preservatives.

The flowers that remain from the oily and aqueous extracts are burned to ash.  The mineral salts in the ash are extracted in their pure crystal form through a special process and are added to the cream as a valuable skin care and regenerative active substance.

We use crystal salts derived from flowers

The single substances are created and combined under favourable constellations, and form an harmonious whole.

Our skin care creams contain equal proportions of  oily and aqueous substances.   Following the skinīs physiology we make no so-called moisturizing creams with a proportion of water that is far above 60%, as these, in contrast to their name, dry the skin out.  In such creams the water fraction dominates and evaporates from the skin, creating the cooling effect of cold creams.  Through the evaporation a suction arises which draws more water from the skin than enters from the cream.  The far-reaching consequences of this condition often come after years of using moisturing creams - the skin ages more quickly, dries and chaps, and loses its natural elasticity, not to speak of  the poor price-effect relationship.  Our creams contain equal amounts of oily and aqueous substances and care for the skin in a manner that is balanced, as is appropriate for the skinīs natural milieu.  They are also absorbed unusually quickly, leave no bothersome oily film, and yet form a protective layer against stressing environmental influences.  Our fatty creams contain  a larger proportion of oils -  more active substances for people with dry skin conditions.

* The oily  extracts from flowers and cold-pressed oils contain valuable active substances and care for the skin  as far as the deeper sub-dermal layers.  They maintain the elasticity of the skin.

* The flower distillates stimulate the moisturing processes and the metabolism of the skin cells and support the skinīs regenerative capacity.  The effect of their scent is also important - it harmonizes the whole of the human being.

* The crystal salts feed the skin with vital minerals and trace elements.  They also preserve the freshness of the cream.

* The wool wax makes the skin smooth and elastic.  It replaces the emulsifiers found in conventional creams that are irritating to the skin. Our creams are entirely truly natural  - wholistic - creams.  They make your skin īas smooth as silk`.

* The beeswax protects and cares for the skin without leaving a bothersome film.

* The lemon juice supports the natural protective pH layer that healthy skin forms.

* The essential oils unfold their natural aroma. They also combine with the bodyīs own scent  to form an individual scent.  They penetrate into the blood of the dermal capillaries, warm and harmonize it, enliven oneīs basic mood, and support oneīs well-being.

All our other cosmetics, such as perfumes and shaving lotions, are made according to the same principles.  We use only flower distillates and crystal salts derived from flowers, and the differents active substances harmoniously compliment each other.

Their warming, caring and nourishing abilities are all

                        intensively enlivened and strengthened by our  using 

                                              sunlight in their production.

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